The Annual Diploma and Certificate Ceremony of Vuselela TVET College was held from 16 – 18 May 2023 with 2 sessions per day at OASE Gemeente in Klerksdorp.

Number of graduates:

NC(V) = 251
N6 certificates = 543

Trade Test = 21

COS = 16

Diplomas = 67

TOTAL = 898

The following students were each awarded a floating trophy (sponsored by ABSA) AND A GIFT FROM Nedbank for obtaining the best results in the programme which they studied. They completed their 4 subjects in Report 191 and 7 subjects for NC(V) in 1 examination session and the average is for the time studied.


Ms O Lekalaka

The ABSA award for the best Report 191 student was received by Ms O Lekalaka. She obtained an average of 80% for the three semesters of study in Management Assistant.

Ms JJ Billilie

The CEO’s trophy was awarded to the best NC(V) student, Ms JJ Billilie. She received this trophy for obtaining an average of 85% for the three years of study in Education and Development.