A Wakeful Faith


A wakeful faith, spiritual practice in the real world.

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A Wakeful Faith by J. Marshall Jenkins

In the harried, expect-the-unexpected flow of everyday life, faith seems far away for many people. Your car breaks down. The bills are due. The kids need school supplies. The business report remains unwritten.

In A Wakeful Faith, Jenkins asserts that living awake to God in all of our daily affairs is the answer. Only when we become consciously aware of God’s gracious activity in the details of the day can we transform and find purpose in our lives today.

“Each day brings a flood of demands for our time and attention,” writes Jenkins. “Deep down, many of us feel the pace is killing us, but we do not admit it very often. After all, everyone else seems to get along okay. Something is killing us, but it is not the pace. It is the inattention to our deepest desire, the desire for God.”

Filled with humor and grounded in scripture, A Wakeful Faith calls us to a refreshed sense of God’s presence, which can lead to spiritual well-being in all dimensions of life. Jenkins offers practical suggestions to rouse our spiritual wakefulness and alertness to God in daily living by showing how Jesus trained disciples to perceive the kingdom and to know God.

Appropriate for individuals and small groups, A Wakeful Faith contains questions for reflection and discussion at the end of each chapter.


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