Every Step a Prayer


While it’s common knowledge that walking is good for physical health, many people may never have considered that walking is also good for their spiritual health. Beneath today’s renewed interest in walking lies a yearning to slow down in a world that never stops, to reconnect to the natural world. This deep yearning intersects with the spiritual resources of our Christian faith, which has always understood that walking serves as a means to and an expression of prayer.

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Every Step a Prayer by Thomas R. Hawkins

It’s common knowledge that walking benefits your physical health. But have you considered that walking is good for your soul?

Every Step a Prayer explores the history of walking as a spiritual practice and introduces you to several methods of walking meditation and prayer.

Thomas Hawkins provides a new look at the way we walk together as the people of God in worship, in mission projects, and for social justice. He invites you to experience walking not only as an activity you do for health, leisure, or transportation but as a way to grow closer to God.

Each of the 6 chapters includes reflection questions and suggestions for prayerful walking.


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