Fear Not


Journal writing is a sharing between our true selves and God.” It’s a powerful yet simple spiritual practice. Journaling goes beyond the nearly constant inner conversations we have with ourselves every day. The mere act of putting our unedited thoughts on paper, in our own handwriting, leads to eye-opening insights, clarity of thought, and deeper reflection.


Fear Not by Judy Gattis Smith

Though cancer is a devastating experience, it can be a time of personal growth and self-understanding. With a wise heart gained from her own experience with cancer, Judy Gattis Smith guides cancer survivors to work through such questions as:

  • Why me?
  • How have my priorities changed because of my diagnosis?
  • Where is God in what is happening?
  • How do I find inspiration and daily strength to deal with my cancer?

Fear Not is a guided personal workbook that will help you work through the big questions and find fulfilment and peace of mind.

Using storytelling, drawing, meditations, imagery, and Bible passages, Smith encourages you to name the many difficult aspects of life with cancer.

Excerpts from the poetry and journals of cancer survivors emphasize the real-life struggle to find wholeness and meaning in illness.

Fear Not includes a section for group leaders detailing how to adapt this workbook for a cancer survivors support group.


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