Rev. Dr. Michael Waters identifies as a member of the hip-hop generation living in an urban context. His purpose in writing is to inspire “hope in the promise of a new day, in the assurance of victory over defeat, and in the fulfillment of God’s promises within the created order.”


Freestyle by Michael W. Waters

In this prophetic collection of essays, Michael Waters comments on current issues from his perspective as pastor, husband, father, and expert on hip-hop culture.

Waters seeks to inspire hope in people who live in urban centers and in those who provide relief and minister with this context, where it often seems that hope is bankrupt. Freestyle seeks to restore Christian hope by pointing to the presence of God at work within these communities.

Michael Waters is the founder of Joy Tabernacle, one of the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s fastest-growing congregations in Texas. He blogs frequently for Huffington Post on current issues. In Freestyle, he addresses the following topics and more:

  • the U.S. civil rights movement
  • how good manners and civility seem to be in short supply
  • coming of age in the age of 9/11
  • addiction, absent parents, children born out of wedlock
  • racism
  • violence in America
  • the media’s portrayal of black achievement
  • the legacy of Trayvon Martin

Author Romal Tune calls Michael Waters “provocative and prophetic,” saying he provides a fresh perspective on issues that impact our communities, families, and the future of our country.

Don’t miss this insightful book from a noted pastor, professor, motivational speaker, and community organizer who inspires us all with a message of hope and empowerment.


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