The Awakened Life for High School Students Leaders Guide


This is not your typical Bible Study. It was created in response to increasing rates of anxiety, depression and suicide among young people. The eight week study features tools and spiritual practices designed to build resiliency, develop psychosocial skills and encourage emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


The Awakened Life for High School Students Leaders guide by Sarah E. Bollinger, Angela R. Olsen

One out of five teens lives with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness. Some come to believe that worry, isolation, and fear are all life has to offer. Yet God created us for lives full of joy, well-being, and connection.

The Awakened Life for High School Students is an eight-week small-group guide that empowers teens to awaken to a more abundant life through practices that build resiliency, teach psychosocial skills, and foster emotional and spiritual well-being. It is designed to be led by those who provide spiritual and emotional care to students but who are not professional counselors or therapists.

Over the course of this study, students will learn how to connect with their own minds and bodies, expand their understanding of the importance of connection to others, develop connections to nature, and then combine all of these practices to build a resilient, joyful, and awakened life.

The curriculum walks participants through 8 weeks of practices and reflections. Each weekly session lasts for about an hour and includes a mindfulness or spiritual practice to explore as a group. Many of these practices involve prayer and meditation techniques, coupled with discussion and journaling. Students will be encouraged to do each week’s spiritual practice at home, to reflect on the experience in a journal, and to check in with an accountability partner at least once a week.

Each week’s session follows the same rhythm by revisiting these themes: Awake, Aware, Alive, Abide, and Arise. Through participation in The Awakened Life, high school students can wake up to abundant life; become aware of their worth and belonging; come alive to their senses, thoughts, and emotions; abide in the love and grace of God; and arise to live a life as connected, whole people.


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