Fully Human, Fully Divine


Fully Human, Fully Divine is an invitation to an embodied Advent



Fully Human, Fully Divine is an invitation to an embodied Advent. Over the course of four weeks, it encourages us to embrace the experience of the Advent season fully, with our whole selves and remember that Jesus showed us what it meant to be both fully human and fully divine. It challenges us to live right here, right now as we await the birth of the Christ Child, the embodiment of God’s presence in our midst.

During a season that can often become stressful and overwhelming, we are rarely permitted time to be present in our own bodies. We forget that our bodies are blessed and consecrated. God did not create the body to bring us doubt or shame, instead, God created us as living, breathing human beings who have the ability to live wholly—body and spirit together.

In this book, the author, Whitney Simpson, suggests practices that will help us focus on the body God created and embrace what it means to be fully human. By letting go of external demands and giving ourselves permission to be present as we listen to God in our lives, we can learn what it looks like to notice and pay attention to our bodies.

Each chapter covers one week of Advent and each week focuses on one of the following themes: Slow Down and Hope, Simplify for Peace, Sit with Joy, and Savor God’s Love. Within each week is a rotation of daily practices including breath prayer, mindful movement, lectio divinavisio divina (which utilizes beautiful, colourful works of art each week), Christian meditation, creative contemplation, and practising presence.

The book also includes tips on contemplation beyond Christmas, suggestions for small groups and small-group leaders, and advice on creating a safe sacred space for small groups.


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