The Pastor as Spiritual Guide


Howard Rice frames the work of the pastor in a new metaphor that renews both pastors and those they serve. The pastor as spiritual guide is one who finds his or her core identity in helping persons find meaning in life through a transforming relationship with God.


The Pastor as Spiritual Guide by Howard Rice

Rediscover the joy of pastoral ministry! In this age of megachurches and declining interest in being part of any organized religion, pastors have an especially challenging task. Often congregations blame their pastors for longstanding problems that existed in the church even before the pastor came.

Pastors suffer from depression and burnout at an astonishing rate, and the pressure to meet the many demands of ministry can be extremely stressful. Their family life suffers, and often they feel beaten down and discouraged.

Grounded in his own real-life experiences in serving churches, Howard Rice extends hope and insight for pastors and urges them to return to the reason for being in ministry—to help people find their way to God. Soul care is the heart of a pastor’s work, and the role of spiritual guide is the most important and life-fulfilling task of a pastor. Renew your heart for ministry with this encouraging read.


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