What We Need Is Here


Owens focuses on Jesus as the heart of Christian spirituality. He calls us back to the fundamentals of Christian practices that build and sustain our relationship with God and neighbor. He names and explores seven: praying the psalms with Jesus; contemplating the Gospels; befriending silence; finding Jesus at church; meeting Jesus in the Eucharist; embodying our spirituality (using our bodies), being with the poor. A thoughtful, engaging treatment of practices critical to growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


What We Need Is Here by Roger Owens

Are you seeking a deeper, more authentic experience of God? Maybe you’ve attended retreats, read dozens of books on spirituality, or even consulted a spiritual director and found yourself still wanting more.

Did you know that God has given you everything you need to live and flourish in a life with God? You can stop your restless searching and rediscover the gifts God has already given you.

In What We Need Is Here, Roger Owens calls you to return to 7 basics of Christian spirituality:

  • Reading the Gospels
  • Praying the Psalms
  • Making friends with silence
  • Finding Jesus at church
  • Meeting Jesus through Holy Communion
  • Embodying your spirituality
  • Being with the poor

Writing in a style that is honest, accessible, and at times humorous, Owens weaves his own stories of struggle with insights from the history of Christian spirituality to help you receive and open yourself to these 7 “givens.”

This book includes practical exercises and questions for reflection and discussion, making it ideal for individuals and groups.


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